Airgas and SVAM-CoE passing it on.

Our facility was recently blessed with donations from Airgas that consist of a wide variety of safety equipment, welding consumables, and abrasives. Many things are overstock and may be “expired”.  We are in the process of inventorying the materials but would prefer for any regional High School Career and Technical Center programs contact us to see if there is something you need. 

1st come 1st served!

  1. Rubber Waterproof slip on boots. Ideal for a masonry program. I have seen size 8, 10, 13, and 15 but don’t know if there are others.
  2. Latex and vinyl exam gloves. Probably a few thousand pairs.
  3. GMAW filler metal, Carbon Steel .045 Diameter of various classifications. Selling at $0.10 per lb but you must take some free donated items too!
  4. Electrical Lineman’s Gloves (Training Only as they are out of date)
  5. Various types of cloth “work gloves”. Great for a horticulture program or other light duty non-cut-hazard work.
  6. Small Size Welding Gloves (These would be of use for students of pretty small size)
  7. Various Mig Gun parts including Nozzles, Tips, TWECO Liners, Gas Diffusers and complete Mig Guns.
  8. Hard Hats and suspensions. (Boxes of them)
  9. A few components for Lincoln, Miller, and ESAB welding or cutting machines.
  10. E309LSi (Stainless Steel)  .045” GMAW wire in 33Lb Spools. Selling at $2.00 per lb but you must have addressed Chromium Issues at your school and provide proof.
  11. Water cooled GTAW torches (Straight Torch but flex neck)
  12. Various Abrasives that may be useful for woodworking, auto-body, welding classes.
  13. A few regulators
  14. Reciprocating Saw Blades
  15. Hand and Power Hack Saw Blades
  16. Plasma Arc Parts for various brands
  17. Oxyfuel Cutting and welding tips, various sizes and brands.
  18. Hardhats with adjustable ratchet bands. Probably 100 or more.
  19. Paper and Plastic protective suits (Tyvek and others)


Please contact me if you want to know what is left or come down to look.



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