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After School Welding Program

The After School Welding program is a resource for High School students to gain additional practice time welding. This will allow students who are interested an opportunity to greatly improve their skills while also getting the experience of interacting with other individuals interested in the trade and equipment they may not have access to.

Times will be announced at a later date depending upon interest but will not run past 5:15 PM.

Many students have a great many challenges placed upon them while attending school. Sometimes these challenges can take away from the experience of learning something that requires skill. Schools have various types of “practice” after schools for a great many activities. We feel that if an individual is interested in something enough to put more time into than is required by the school, WE WILL HELP!

There is no single group of people that can learn faster than teenagers in my opinion. That coupled with a sincere interest in a topic is something that can’t be beat!

Our facility has modern welding equipment capable of SMAW, GTAW, GTAW Pulsed, FCAW, GMAW, and GMAW-Pulsed. We have the ability to help you improve your skills no matter what skill level you are at!

We can provide instruction using all of processes listed above and for those that are already proficient at something, we can challenge you to do even more!

This program is open to all HS Students age 16 or older that are currently enrolled in a HS program in the SW Virginia/NE Tenn. region that has welding as part of the course.

In addition to the safety rules that will be reviewed on your 1st day, there are a few others.

  1. If you violate any safety rule, you will not be able to continue in the program.
  2. You must provide a letter of recommendation from your welding instructor.
  3. You will be expected to weld while you are here. If it doesn’t seem you are interested, we will let you know that you will be removed from the program if things don’t change.
  4. No “friends” are allowed in the shop to visit you.
  5. Nothing but respect will be given to you. You are expected to do the same.

My Name is Gerald Austin. I have been blessed with being able to do what I enjoy for a living my entire life. I started my welding career in High School and feel that the ability to learn new skills and absorb knowledge is one of the great things about being a teenager. If you are truly interested in learning more about welding, I will help you.

A few years and pounds ago!

I am NOT the authority on all things about welding but those things that I do know, I am willing to share! My interest in welding started in the 9th grade and I have been going at it since then. And that was a LONG TIME AGO!

I’ve welded on Nuclear Powered Submarines and BBQ grills and loved that and everything in between. This trade has been pretty good to me!

I have worked in various industries and in various positions over the years and still have much to learn. Maybe you can help me be a better instructor while I help you be a better welder!

If you wanna check me out online then you can try Linked at

If you wanna see what I have had to say about welding over the years, you can check out my posts and responses at the American Welding Society Forum at 

If you are interested in participating in this program or would like more information, you can call SVAMCOE at 276-525-4753 or email