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GMAW For Manufacturing-Semi Automatic

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for regional manufacturers and individuals to participate in a course for Gas Metal Arc Welding (Often Referred to as MIG).

The intended start date is Jan. 7, 2019. There are a limited number of times and slots available. If you are interested, please complete the form in the “I’m interested” section below.

This 80 hour minimum course is focused around building knowledge and skills related to the GMAW process as used in manufacturing. The primary focus is on semi-automatic welding and will not involve machine, automatic, or robotic welding.

Students will receive instruction in both theoretical topics and hands on training as indicated in the Topics section.

This course will meet 2 times a week for a minimum of 4 hours per session. Times and days will be dependent upon the needs of local manufacturers and/or individuals registering for the course.

Students will be required to pass both a written exams and hands on welding exams to complete this course satisfactorily.

Students passing this course will be registered in the American Welding Society Database as an AWS Certified Welder within the allowances of the test(s) they complete.

Written Exams may result in completion of modules meeting the requirements of the AWS SENSE program for Entry Welders.  Students who have already completed SENSE modules at other organizations will still be administered written exams.

This course is intended for individuals interested in working in the manufacturing industry or light fabrication. The welding skills developed in this course can be added to existing skills to increase your changes of employment at organizations using multiple processes.

Individuals that operate automatic welders, robotic welders, or machine welding equipment that utilizes GMAW would benefit greatly from this course in the areas of process improvement, inspection, and troubleshooting.

The following topics will be addressed during the course. Some are classroom, some are online, some are shop , and some will be addressed in a few settings.


MFG-Intro to Drawings-Online

MFG-GMAW Process Theory-Online Pre-Requisite

 GMAW Process Detailed Overview

 GMAW-Transfer Modes

Gen-Base Metal Preparation-Types of joints

Metallurgy-Mechanical Properties

MFG-Welding Symbols

Weld Quality-Weld Defects-Definitions and Causes

Weld Quality-Inspection Methods Overview

 GMAW Pad Welds

 GMAW Tee Joints-Flat and Horizontal Only

GMAW Lap Joints

 Aluminum-Whats So Special

Aluminum GMAW

GMAW-Simulated Vee Grooves

 GMAW Butt Joints


If you would like to see a detailed outline of the course you may download the  detailed course outline.

This Course is scheduled to meet for a total of 80 hours. The meeting times will be dependent upon the needs of the majority of participants. Options will be available for multiple time slots upon registration.

Students shall be a minimum of 17 years old have normal near vision or the ability to wear corrective lenses. Accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be made when possible.

Click on the link below to see the mind-map for this course.

Please Click Here if you are interested in registering.