Welding Training 

Individuals receiving welding training through the SVAM-CoE can improve their skills in both hands on process welding and supporting knowledge. We are set up to provide FCAW (Flux Core) , GMAW(MIG), GTAW(TIG) , SMAW (Stick) , and Pipe welding training. Students earn performance-based, industry-recognized credentials through the AWS Certified Welder Program by testing at our facility after they have gained the needed skills.

Training can be customized for specific needs to prepare the student for a employer specific tasks. Though there are many skills in the field of welding, you don’t have to use your valuable time learning them all. Let us customize training that meets your needs!

We can also provide refresher training for those individuals who may have completed training in the past and need to refresh the skills learned. 

Our welding instructor has the ability to maximize the effectiveness of any training time because of a knowledge of the trade gained over years of experience coupled with a passion to pass that knowledge on to others.  

If you are interested in talking to someone about our available training options, please contact us.